Paperless pitfalls

Matt Peterson, CEO of eFileCabinet, on common mistakes businesses make when going paperless

Nowadays most insurance businesses are aware that making the shift to paperless is necessary, but many are going about it all wrong.  

When not executed correctly, businesses are missing out on major productivity, efficiency and money saving benefits that come with paperless data management. Matt Peterson, CEO of Utah-based eFileCabinet, has been in the document management industry for more than 10 years. According to Peterson, here are the most common paperless pitfalls:

1. Mislabeling or inconsistently labeling files. When scanning in documents, be sure to have a system of consistency in naming them to make it easy to find them later.

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2. Hoarding files. Just like a physical file cabinet, when you overload your digital filing system with too many files, it becomes impossible to locate anything, especially those that are haphazardly labeled or indexed. Indexing files properly will help avoid sifting through massive lists of files. eFileCabinet includes a “retention” feature that allows users to select how long they want to store particular files, so they are automatically removed once no longer needed.

3. Scanning documents with dead graphics. A scanner is an essential tool for a paperless office, but it’s very important to buy one that has optical character recognition (OCR) functionality. Otherwise, you’re creating “dead graphics” that don’t have any text search ability.  With OCR, you can do Google-like searches for text within the document rather than just searching for the document name. eFileCabinet’s desktop and cloud-based storage solutions have OCR functionality.

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4. Moving away from the office PC. The world is becoming very mobile, and many business people are never truly off the clock—conducting business away from the office, outside of business hours.  It is important to have document management services that include cloud-based or mobile app offerings. That way, critical documents don’t end up stuck on a computer that you can’t access.

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