makes its New Brunswick debut

A new Insurance Brokers Association of New Brunswick (IBANB) website will help consumers locate local brokers and receive quotes online.
The website is part of the (MIS) platform already used by Ontario and Nova Scotia brokers.

IBANB president Georges Leger said that more than 50% of the IBANB’s membership is participating in the website and that it is still too soon to tell how much of an impact it is having, saying the IBANB will have a better idea about the website’s success in a few months’ time.

The platform was developed by the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) and was first launched in that province in May 2008.

Leger says the online quoting feature and an attractive price was what motivated the IBANB to purchase the product from the IBAO. “It was reasonably priced for individual brokers’ offices and it gave us an online quoting engine,” said Leger. “If brokers were to do this [online quoting engine] on their own, it’s a fairly expensive item. Doing it through the website helps us compete with the other distribution channels that have an online quoting mechanism.”

He says the IBANB will do its best to promote the website, and hopes to do some advertising in the near future.

IBAO chief executive officer Randy Carroll says the website has allowed Ontario brokers to establish a strong broker brand in the province and that marketing campaigns have led to increased traffic on the Ontario version of the website. “The site has seen significant visitor growth since it’s inception in the spring of 2008 and the website has received astounding traffic over the last four months,” Carroll said. “Based on the last four months our overall number of monthly unique visitors has increased on average by 526% when compared to the monthly average that the first four months delivered.”

To make the most of the new website, Carroll urges New Brunswick brokers to make use of the website’s “Expanded Profile” tool, which allows brokers to complete a personalized profile showcasing their brokerage. “The Expanded Profile is almost like a second website, and brokers are able to upload company logos and photos to add a more personal touch,” says Carroll. “New Brunswick brokers would be wise to complete these profiles as soon as possible to ensure they are taking advantage of all the benefits the MIS website offers”

Carroll was optimistic about the future of the website, saying that there are plans to expand into “any province in Canada that shows an interest.” Carroll added that the IBAO is “having regular discussions with the other provincial associations to establish their commitment and determine development and launch plans.” In addition, he says two major enhancements to the site will be released in early 2010.

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