IBC, Police Promote Do-It-Yourself Accident Reports in Quebec

More Quebec drivers should make use of a do-it-yourself accident report instead of calling the police, say police officials in Quebec.

Even though province’s Accident Report marked it’s 30th year this week, few drivers in Quebec use it, a fact that the Sherbrooke Police Department and the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) want to change.  Although two-thirds (67%) of the province’s drivers are familiar with the report, which can be used when an accident involves no injuries—but only 28% of drivers have used it to report an accident, reports an IBC/SOM poll.

If drivers used the report, which lets them fill in the pertinent information and report it to their insurers– it “will allow us to allocate our resources more effectively where they are needed the most," said Martin Carrier, the Sherbrooke Police Department’s public affairs spokesperson said in releasing the findings.

More urban drivers are taking advantage of the report. Usage rates were higher in Montreal, where 58% of respondents have used it to report an accident, and in  Quebec City (48%).

The IBC and the Sherbrooke police will distribute copies of the report on November 9 and 10, urging drivers to keep in their cars. The survey found that 55% of drivers do have a copy in their glove compartment.

The low usage may stem from some misconceptions about accidents and accident reporting. Most drivers (59%) call the police because they think the officers will establish liability, the survey also found, and 68% mistakenly thought that filling out the report would be an admission of liability.

The report only identifies the parties involved in an accident and records basic vehicle information.

“When you have a Joint Report, you don’t need to call the police for a simple fender bender,” said Jack Chadirdjian, the IBC’s public affairs director, in releasing the survey findings November 9.

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