Beware the Red River, IBC Reminds Those Near Flood Plain

Higher temperatures, combined with early spring run-off, may create higher than average water levels around Manitoba’s Red River, so the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is warning nearby residents to take flood precautions.

Overland flooding only affects a small percentage of Manitoba residents, but the IBC is stressing flood preparedness before the waters reach their highest peak in April.

Lindsay Olson, the IBC’s regional vice president of British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, has provided a list of precautions to protect valuables from  water damage.

Olson suggests moving valuables located in basements to higher grounds, clearing all floor drains from any obstruction and installing a sump pump – a device used to remove any water collected in a lower space or sump pit. She also suggests that residents install a sewer backflow valve to prevent sewer backup and ensure proper grading or drainage around a property.

Sewer-back up is covered by insurance, but is an added feature and isn’t usually a part of a standard insurance policy, Olson notes. She suggests homeowners speak with a broker to add coverage for the risk to their insurance policy.

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