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Wind Research Facility Takes on a $200 Million Foe: Local Storms

A one-of-a-kind research facility will address a $200 million wind issue for the insurance industry when it breaks ground late next year.
Dubbed the … makes its New Brunswick debut

A new Insurance Brokers Association of New Brunswick (IBANB) website will help consumers locate local brokers and receive quotes online.
The website is part …

IBC, Police Promote Do-It-Yourself Accident Reports in Quebec

More Quebec drivers should make use of a do-it-yourself accident report instead of calling the police, say police officials in Quebec.
Even though province’s Accident …

Usage Based Insurance

The evolution of an online sales culture prompts technological solutions to highly competitive markets, like auto insurance. As a result, some predict that …

Waiting for (Business) Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a collection of technologies and processes managed by a competency center to ensure that business users have the data they …

Justifying Web 2.0: Answers for the Boardroom

How should insurance executives answer board members questioning the value of Web 2.0?  One way is to address competitive advantage, according to analysts …

Downturn Nudges ERM Forward

A push toward greater transparency is accelerating the P&C industry’s enterprise risk management (ERM) activities, but companies are still wary of disclosing too …

What’s Continuity Planning? Small Biz Owners Unprepared: Survey

Most small business owners in Canada aren’t prepared for unexpected problems like illness, or flooding that can disrupt their business, even though most …

Embracing modern technology key to increasing productivity

Ditching the paper piles and embracing a digital lifestyle will allow brokerages to increase productivity and streamline general office operations, said participants during …

Proper E-data Strategies Protect Brokerages: Data Experts

Brokerages that don’t adequately store electronic information could leave themselves vulnerable to legal action, network specialists warned during the Canadian Signassure Users’ (CSU) …

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