Managing Your Practice

Canadian risk managers weigh in on U.S. approval of using contingent commissions

The debate over the appropriateness of contingent commissions has been reopened due to a recent Illinois decision that will allow a major insurance …

Forget customer service, customers want speed of delivery

According to tech expert, Steven Frye, the next generation of buyers have already changed the business paradigm and brokers who want them as …

Insurers Slow to Maximize Web 2.0

Insurers are having difficulty trying to maximize the potential of Web 2.0 tools like social networking, online sales and web technologies.
Though they’re making some …

E-apps will save millions: Sinclair

The insurance industry has been left in the dust by virtually all other participants in the financial services sector, as technological advancements …

Life Policyholders Have Strong Insolvency Protection

Clients are probably unaware of the policy benefit protections in place
in the case of insurer failure, if a …

Know Thy Enemy: Recognizing Fraudsters

“Insurance fraud” is a term broadly used for illicit activity
related to either buying or selling insurance. It comes …

An iPhone as Claims Tool? Insurers Look to New Technology

It makes calls, plays your favourite songs and can find restaurants,
but can the iPhone be an insurance claims …

What Do Brokers Want? “Ease of Business,” U.S. Survey Says

Insurers may be competing for broker business with technology, not product
lines, according to early results of a U.S. …

Insurance distributors push for electronic data standards

Paper is bad.
That was the simple message insurance product distributors sent to carriers
at today’s annual CLIEDIS general …

New Tax Will Boost Operating Costs: IBC

The harmonized tax introduced in last week’s Ontario budget will likely mean higher operating costs for insurers in the province, and could mean higher premiums …

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