Why the TPP won’t cost 20,000 Canadian jobs

You can't compare a world with TPP to one without

The Trans-Pacific Partnership will cost 20,000 Canadian jobs, Unifor’s former chief economist Jim Stanford has argued. But that thinking’s flawed, says Canadian Business writer Mike Moffatt.

“The Stanford estimate is based on comparing a world with TPP to one without TPP. But from Canada’s perspective, that is not the most relevant question, as Canada cannot unilaterally scuttle TPP. The more relevant question in the automotive employment context is ‘how many jobs will Canada gain or lose being inside TPP versus outside of it?'”

If the U.S. and Mexico do join the partnership, Canada would be at a significant disadvantage, especially since only a small number of Canadian-made vehicles are purchased domestically.

Head over to Canadian Business for more reasons why Moffatt thinks the TPP won’t cut 20,000 jobs.


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