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What your clients are reading now

Preparing for large-scale storms and catastrophes was a big topic this week. While the IBC and the Public Policy Forum are hosting a natural catastrophe preparedness symposium, Manitoba is preparing for flooding. In other news, SGI reported a bad month for impaired driving and Aon launched a new cyber captive program.

Public Policy Forum, IBC to host financial preparedness for natural catastrophes symposium
The Public Policy Forum (PPF) will host, with sponsorship from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), an upcoming symposium entitled Disaster-Proofing Canada: Financial Preparedness for Natural Catastrophes. The half-day event will be held in Ottawa on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017. This symposium will bring together experts from around the world to help raise awareness about the impacts of natural catastrophes on financial systems and governments. This awareness is a critical element in creating a culture of preparedness for when future disasters strike.

Aon announces an alternative cyber risk transfer approach
As cyber risk continues to evolve, Aon Global Risk Consulting has introduced its Cyber Captive Program, which guides companies through a series of steps to help identify, assess and quantify their cyber exposures – ultimately making more informed decisions around risk retention in a captive as well as providing broad form risk transfer capacity of potentially up to $400 million.

350 impaired driving offences in December: SGI
Too many people still made the poor decision to drive after drinking in December, despite numerous transportation options offered by SGI and its safety partners, as well as extra enforcement throughout the holiday season. December marked the third consecutive month where SGI and Saskatchewan law enforcement focused on impaired driving. “It’s certainly disappointing. After extensive coverage in the media about safe ride options, increased enforcement and the tougher impaired driving laws that would be coming into effect on Jan. 1, 2017, people are still choosing to drive when they shouldn’t,” said Earl Cameron, executive vice president of the Auto Fund.

Red River Basin Commission warns of flood season this year in Manitoba
The Red River Basin Commission is warning Manitobans living along the Red River to prepare for a flood season.
Manitoba director Steve Strang says while there is a good possibility of flooding, it is hard to predict what level. Strang explains that while heavy snowfall in the province so far this winter will play a small role, precipitation south and west of the Manitoba borders better indicates flood severity.