Water damage makes up most Quebec homeowners’ claims: Allstate study | Canadian Insurance

Water damage makes up most Quebec homeowners’ claims: Allstate study

Insurer releases report to warn homebuyers about potential issues with purchased properties

Damage as a result of burst pipes and water infiltration through the roof are the most common types of property claims Quebec residents send to Allstate Canada, according to a study released by the company.

More than half (53%) of water claims originate from burst pipes. Damage from toilet and shower leaks comes in second place in the water claims category with 35%, according to the recently released Allstate Insurance safe homeowners study.

Damage from a burst pipe is evident to homeowners but Allstate’s research notes that leaks from a toilet or shower can go undetected for years if the source of the leak is not immediately visible.

In the category of damages from wind and hail, 53% of claims from Quebec residents are a result of roof infiltration.

“With the amount of precipitation the province received this past winter, and the ups and downs in temperature from one season to the next, there could be signs of damage when snow melts,” the research states.

Other issues that homeowners need to be aware of include kitchen fires, which are more frequent than fires within any other part of the house, and faulty wiring, which is one of the most frequent causes of electrical fires, according to Allstate’s data.

The company released the study as a warning to potential homebuyers as both the weather and the real estate market warm up. The study also includes data collected for a survey of homeowners in Quebec.

One quarter of homeowners say they had to deal with property damages after purchasing their property and 56% of this group had repairs that exceeded $1,500 in expenses.

The data serves as a reminder to potential homeowners to engage experts to conduct inspections and proper maintenance of their potential property in order to avoid future problems, according to André Parra, regional claims director at Allstate Canada.

“It can be challenging to learn all the ins-and-outs of home maintenance, especially for first time or soon-to-be homeowners,” he says.

The Allstate Insurance safe homeowners study is an annual report that analyzes the company’s property claims data over a 10-year period to determine the most frequent cause of damages. This year’s report also includes information collected for a survey conducted by Léger between March 27 and March 30. The online survey consists of data from 662 homeowners in Quebec.