Vancouver taxi companies launch joint ride-hailing app

The companies insist their new development isn't related to Uber

As of today, Vancouverites can order licensed taxis from their smartphones, track the car, pay with their credit card and rate the driver.

The city’s four major cab companies–Yellow Cab, Black Top & Checker Cabs, MacLure’s Cabs and Vancouver Taxi–have launched the eCab app, which is already used in Europe.

The companies say their new development isn’t related to Uber. Last year, they went to court to block the ride-hailing app but dropped the case after Uber suspended its plans to enter the Vancouver market.

“During rush hours and peak times, we were having difficulties in servicing some of our customers,” the Vancouver Taxi Association’s Carolyn Bauer told the Globe and Mail. “By integrating all four companies, we felt it would help our consumers and the public in being able to get the closest car of all four companies.”

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