State Farm Canada launches app with telematics program | Canadian Insurance

State Farm Canada launches app with telematics program

Customers can also access water leakage prevention program and their own policies through the app

State Farm Canada has launched a new mobile app for consumers, which includes a fully mobile telematics insurance program.

“Telematics can help you to become a safer driver by using your smartphone to track and improve your driving in real-time and then rewards you with savings of up to 25% on your auto insurance premium at renewal,” according to State Farm’s announcement.

The app will also include “Alert,” the insurer’s home insurance prevention program that that detects water leaks and risk of freezing to prevent water damage.

Customers with a home insurance policy that sign up for the Alert program will receive a free water and freeze detector. The detector is a connected device and can be placed close to a potential source of leaks. If it senses a problem, it sends an alert to the customer’s smartphone by notification, text message or email.

In addition, customers will receive access to their policies with the company and can file a claim or get an online quote through the app.

Customers must call their State Farm Canada agent to enroll in the telematics or Alert program in order to use those features through the smartphone app.