Six killed in Arkansas bus crash

Poor weather may have played a role

Six people died when a charter bus ran off an Arkansas highway and hit a bridge abutment at 1 a.m. Friday. Several other passengers were injured.

It isn’t known if the poor weather played a role in the crash.

Television station KTHV said on its Twitter feed Friday morning that the passengers were on a business trip. The station posted a photo showing a white bus with “Continental” in broad letters on the side being towed from the scene, its roof partially crumpled.

Jeff Lawson, who identified himself as the owner of Continental Charters in Detroit, told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper that he sold a bus Saturday to a man who “said he needed a second bus to haul people from (Detroit) to Texas… and Florida.”

Lawson says that as part of the sale, he stipulated that the buyer remove the “Continental” lettering from the bus. He said Continental Charters did not have any scheduled routes in Arkansas on Thursday and does not regularly operate in the area.

The accident occurred along westbound Interstate 40 near its busy intersection with U.S. 67-167 in the Little Rock metropolitan area. The interchange is tricky, requiring drivers to change lanes if they want to follow the route numbers that brought them into the area. They have about a minute to chart a course and execute it.

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