RISK VIDEO: Patrick Stewart gets schooled on the whole Brexit, human rights debate

As the Home Secretary's comments fuel the fire, Guardian comedy sketch pokes fun

Yes, as a matter of fact, it will matter a lot to Canadian business — and the rest of the world — if Britain suddenly decides to leave the European Union. We’re talking, after all, about more than half a century of international trade and legal agreements, and the falling dominoes could make some big noises. Now adding to the muddle is Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May suggesting the UK could opt out of the European Convention on Human Rights while keeping its chair warm in the EU.

That didn’t go down well with the Opposition, and the UK’s version of Justice Critic, Charles Falconer, ripped into the Home Secretary’s comments, calling them “so ignorant, so illiberal” annnnnd you get the idea. He also pointed out you have to belong to the Convention to be in the EU in the first place.

The clever folks at Britain’s Guardian newspaper, however, have taken a different tack. Borrowing from Monty Python, they have a sketch in which Patrick Stewart plays a bullish but slightly dim PM who learns what being in the club really means. The language gets a bit mature, so be forewarned if you’re playing in your office. Enjoy.



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