RISK: student’s question about Hindu male privilege gets India tweeting

"This #NDTVGirlAsks should be officially branded as national embarrassment,"

Will India’s economic growth be inclusive, a young woman studying political science at Delhi University asked IMF chief Christine Lagarde during a televised discussion, or will it be limited to the “Hindu male population”?

Many Indians weren’t pleased with the question, and took to social media to express their displeasure. “This #NDTVGirlAsks should be officially branded as national embarrassment,” one tweet read. “This is exactly the kind of feminism prevalent on Twitter and TV.”

The student told BBC Trending that she wasn’t aware of the online comments until a friend pointed them out. “These comments come from deep-seated ignorance and insecurity about the fact that someone is questioning the whole development paradigm on which the new government came to power,” she wrote in an email. ”I have read deeply misogynistic comments. Some said that my grey matter was washed out with my menstrual cycle. These comments go on to prove that these fears that I have … are not misplaced.”

For more details, read BBC Trending’s story, “The politically loaded question that got India talking.”

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