RISK: New Brunswick professor working to determine hackers’ digital profiles

The estimated annual cost to the global economy from cyber crime is more than $400 billion

A researcher at the University of New Brunswick is working to determine the digital profiles of those who develop malware.

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Natalia Stakhanova, a professor at the university’s Information Security Centre of Excellence, will look at the binary side of existing malware for clues about the source of an infection and the kinds of tools used to develop it.

According to a 2014 report by Intel Security, the estimated annual cost to the global economy from cyber crime is more than $400 billion.

Recently, hackers have targeted Canadian government websites, leaked the names of Ashley Madison users and siphoned funds through a Starbucks app.

Doug Cooke of Intel Security Canada says more than 400 million different pieces of malware have been detected around the world, and the hackers are getting more sophisticated.

He says work like Stakhanova’s is very important.

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