RISK: It’s time to hack the Pentagon

But beware--there may be no compensation

The Pentagon is looking for a few good computer hackers.

They’ll be hired as part of a pilot program–Hack the Pentagon–to try and breach the Defence Department’s public Internet pages and fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

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Defence Secretary Ash Carter said Wednesday he will be “inviting responsible hackers to test our cybersecurity,” adding that he believes the program will “strengthen our digital defences and ultimately enhance our national security.”

Defence Department systems get probed and attacked millions of times a day, officials say.

The new program is being led by the Defence Digital Service, which Carter created last November.

Officials said the pilot program will involve public networks or websites that do not have any sensitive information or personal employee data on them.

It is being called a “bounty” program, but it’s unclear if the hackers will be paid a flat fee or based on their achievements–or if they’ll only be offered the glory and notoriety of breaching the world’s greatest military’s systems.

According to the Pentagon, it is the first time the federal government has undertaken a program with outsiders attempting to breach the networks.

In October, Canada’s Department of National Defence sought a hacker to test the cybersecurity of a light-duty pickup truck. But at least here in the Great White North, we pay our hackers: DND offered $205,000 for testing, and another $620,000 for a solution.

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