RISK: Global CEOs expect drastic change within three years

Top concerns included customer loyalty and the effects of a sluggish global economy

The majority of global CEOs expect the next few years to be challenging but are optimistic they will manage through a tough economic environment, a KPMG study has found.

Nearly three quarters (72 per cent) of respondents think the next three years will be more critical to their industry than the previous 50, and 40 per cent plan to significantly transform their operating model in that time frame.

CEOs expect the primarily sources of growth to be new products (28 per cent), followed by new customers (26 per cent), new markets (25 per cent) and new channels (22 per cent).

The study also found

  • Respondents’ top concerns were customer loyalty, how the stagnation of global economic growth could affect their company, and the lack of time to strategically think about disruption and innovation.
  • Respondents’ top priorities were fostering innovation, focusing more on clients, implementing disruptive technology, developing and managing talent, and improving marketing and communications.
  • 41 per cent of respondents think their company will be “a significantly different entity” in three years. Last year, just 29 per cent of CEOs held that view.



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