RISK: China develops ranking system for all 1.3 billion citizens

Nobody can opt out

China is working on a new Social Credit System which ranks all 1.3 billion citizens based on their employment histories, school records, criminal records and many other highly personal metrics.

And nobody can opt out.

But the system isn’t that different from China’s paper-based secret personnel file system, which tracked everyone’s performance at school and work and information that might suggest dissident political leanings. It was often consulted when hiring new employees or doling out promotions. But that system has failed to keep up with mass migration and electronic business.

The government argues the new e-database aims to increase trust among citizens, improving the country’s competitiveness and “stimulating… the progress of civilization.”

Proponents of the system argue it could reduce governmental corruption and isn’t all that different from insurers offering discounts if policyholders upload FitBit data.

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