RISK: 60 patients’ privacy at risk after Winnipeg nurse’s purse stolen

Summary sheets would not include detailed health information

More than 60 people may have had their privacy breached after a Winnipeg nurse’s bag was stolen from a vehicle.

The nurse was on duty January 14 with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s Community Intravenous Program.

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The program treats patients who need antibiotics through an IV outside of a hospital setting, either in their homes or at a clinic.

Real Cloutier, chief operating officer for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, says the bag contained the nurse’s schedule and summary sheets of 67 clients.

Cloutier says a summary sheet would include the client’s name, their personal health information number, and general information about medications or any conditions the person has.

He says it would not include detailed health information.

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Cloutier notes nurses and home-care workers are supposed to carry this type of information with them at all times.

“You always have to look at the severity of the breach, was it something that was reoccurring?” he says. “Obviously, we want to be fair with our employees and we have to go through that process. I’m sure the individual is horrified as much as everyone else over this event.”

All the affected patients have been notified. Police are also investigating.

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