Ontario could require all cars to include collision-avoidance systems by 2020

Shop Insurance Canada says bill needs to be tested

An Ontario bill that could help decrease accident rates and lower insurance premiums has been put forward for a second reading.

Bill 192 would allow the Ontario government to mandate that all cars be equipped with collision avoidance technologies like lane departure warnings, adaptive headlights, blind spot detection, proximity monitors and more by 2020. It would also require cars to include technology designed to assist first responders get information about a car in an emergency situation.

But in a news release Tuesday Shop Insurance Canada says that while the bill is an important step, it still needs to be “tested to see if it offers the merit it proposes.” The company cautions against thinking the new requirements would be a cure-all for Ontario’s rising collision rate.

Collision-avoidance systems are becoming popular additions in cars, and they’re changing the way insurance companies think about their policies. The release suggests these systems could be a way to lower premiums and offer less risk by decreasing the number of accidents.

The Highway Traffic Amendment Act would allow the government to fine manufacturers who introduce cars that don’t include some kind of collision-avoidance system. People who drive cars that don’t meet the requirements would also be subject to fines.

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