Most Canadians believe technology is the answer to texting and driving: Aviva

Aviva polled 1,504 Canadians about distracted driving last month

The majority of Canadians believe that technology that blocks drivers from using their cell phones is the best way to curb texting and driving, according to a survey from Aviva Canada.

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Aviva polled 1,504 Canadians about distracted driving last month. Seventy-eight percent of respondents believed technology was the best way to stop drivers from texting and using other phone functions while on the road.

“For the first time, what we are seeing is that Canadians don’t think social persuasion or law enforcement strategies against distracted driving are working, and they feel technology is the only realistic answer,” Greg Somerville, president and CEO of Aviva Canada, said in a statement.

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The news comes hot on the heels of the debut of Apple’s new iOS operating system, which has a “do not disturb while driving” feature.

Seventy-three percent of Canadians said they would use anti-texting technology while driving, Aviva reports. Only 48% thought fines and demerit points serve as a deterrent to distracted driving, and 32% believed peer pressure would convince drivers to put down their phones.

Aviva also reports that 95% of respondents said texting and driving makes them feel unsafe on the roads, and 88% had witnessed other drivers texting. Interestingly, only 22% of respondents admitted to texting while driving.

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