Manitoba’s top auto frauds in 2015

Investigators noticed hay and dry grass stuffed into one vehicle's engine

Each year, MPI’s Special Investigations Unit looks into 2,500 claims. Here are three of the craziest.

Hit-and-run. And hit-and-run.

One Winnipeg man claimed he was struck from behind by a dark SUV while driving in the country. The offending driver didn’t stop so the man pursued him. During the chase, the man’s vehicle was hit again, this time on the side and by a truck. That driver allegedly ran out of the truck and into the dark SUV.

Alas, the crash data recorder indicated the man’s vehicle had been parked when the collisions occurred. He pleaded guilty to public mischief and was fined $3,500.

Hay now!

This driver told MPI that while at a party, he noticed a large fire in a hay field. When he drove out to investigate, he not only failed to extinguish the fire but his car was engulfed by the flames.

But the Special Investigations Unit noticed there was hay and dry grass stuffed into the vehicle’s engine and headlight areas. And strangely,  an accelerant had been splashed throughout the passenger compartment.

The driver, who’d wanted to burn out his vehicle, withdrew the claim.

Sharing is caring

When a Winnipeg woman claimed her vehicle had been stolen, she didn’t realize MPI and the Winnipeg police share information.

She’d actually given her car to a friend, whom police officers had tried to stop during a traffic check. And during that stop, they’d clearly seen the policyholder.

She pleaded guilty to public mischief and was given 12 months probation and a conditional discharge.

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