Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation launches at the University of Waterloo

The centre will examine vulnerabilities to extreme weather

Intact and the University of Waterloo have created a new research centre to look for new ways to reduce weather-related property damage linked to climate change.

Intact will initially provide $4.25 million for a program to protect Canadian communities from unusually heavy rains, ice storms and other severe precipitation.

Another program will identify how various Canadian industrial sectors are vulnerable to extreme weather.

The new Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation will be based in Waterloo’s environment faculty. The centre will monitor applied research from around the world and conduct its own research.

The ICCA will also launch a national Home Adaptation Audit Program to assess the vulnerability of homes to flood damage, and make specific recommendations to help homeowners avoid costly damage from extreme weather.

Intact has been warning for several years that weather-related events such as unusually heavy rainfall have become a major challenge to the insurance industry, consumers and business.

“While political leaders from across the world gather for COP21, we should remind ourselves that climate change is already a reality here in Canada. We must step up our efforts towards building strong, prosperous, resilient and sustainable communities,” said Charles Brindamour, Intact’s CEO.

Blair Feltmate, the Waterloo professor who will lead the new centre, previously worked with the company on 20 pilot projects in five provinces.

Intact provided $700,000 for the pilot projects, including $75,000 to create more porous ground by ripping up paving in Calgary and the Ontario communities of Mississauga, Peterborough, Kingston and Ottawa.

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