Insurers think Trump’s policies will best benefit the industry: A.M. Best

Sanders' universal health care proposal wasn't an industry hit

If American insurers vote to support their industry, an A.M. Best survey suggests, they’ll be putting their weight behind Donald Trump in November.

Twenty-six percent of survey respondents believe Trump’s policies are most favourable for the P&C industry, and 26.7 percent think they’re most favourable for the life and health sector.

And given that the survey respondents’ next two picks––Jeb Bush (18.5 percent in P&C, 22.6 percent in L&H) and Mario Rubio (11.3 percent in P&C, 11.7 percent in L&H)––have dropped out of the race since the survey, industry support for Trump may grow even more.

“Overall, there appears to be a favorable perception of the Republican Party’s stated intent to eliminate the Affordable Care Act in its current form,” A.M. Best notes. “Bernie Sanders’ proposal for Universal Health Care, as well as Hillary Clinton’s proposed policies on prescription drugs, were likely reasons for the negative responses.”

Respondents rated Sanders as having the least favourable policies for the P&C (73.1 percent) and L&H (77.5 percent) industries.

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Image: A.M. Best

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