Influenza season worst since H1N1 pandemic: Zurich

5 tips to keep employees healthy

This year’s flu season may be the worst since the H1N1 pandemic of 2009-2010, says Zurich.

According to the insurer, 41 US states have reported higher than normal levels of flu cases and the City of Boston has even declared a state of emergency. “This latest outbreak of the virus has lead Zurich risk specialists to conclude that ‘the current influenza season is the most widespread since the H1N1 pandemic of 2009-2010,’ ” states a Zurich press release.

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In response, Zurich has issued two risk bulletins, “Influenza Outbreak: What your business should be doing” and “Cleaning and disinfection plans during an influenza outbreak.”

To keep employees healthy and business running as usual, the bulletins recommend:

  • Develop a committee to review, plan and oversee your company’s influenza outbreak response and how you will minimize the spread of communicable disease in the workplace.
  • Identify critical processes and functions that must continue for your business to remain viable – Can some be automated or managed remotely or with fewer employees?
  • Evaluate critical suppliers and customers and identify suppliers that provide critical raw materials, component parts or essential services and develop a contingency plan for how you would operate if they were not available.
  • Consider that you may be a critical supplier to your customers. What do you need to do to meet their needs?
  • Identify essential employees or expertise to find ways to protect critical employees through isolation, remote work or, if there is enough lead time, medical intervention, such as vaccination.
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