IBC takes outreach campaign across Ontario

The Price is Wrong highlights the high cost of insurance fraud

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is setting off across Ontario as part of its new outreach campaign, The Price is Wrong.

Until the end of September, the IBC will be visiting malls throughout the province with a travelling display. The Price is Wrong exhibit features two cars entangled in a ‘fender bender’ to highlight the high cost of insurance fraud to the Ontario auto insurance system.

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The display aims to show Ontarians how the growing abuse of the insurance system can turn a minor collision into a $129,466 insurance claim.

IBC representatives will be on-site in each location to hand out information, answer questions, and get local feedback. IBC has also set up Speaker’s Corners so that residents can express their viewpoints – by putting themselves in the (video) driver’s seat!

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The purpose of the campaign is to help consumers better understand their own insurance policies, promote awareness about how growing abuse of the system through fraud is driving up the cost of insurance premiums, and to stimulate discussion among Ontarians about how to bring down the cost of auto insurance.

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