IBC suggests 3 ways to mitigate storm claims

Remind clients to document losses by taking pictures or video.

Following significant rainfall and winds caused by Hurricane Irene, which hit eastern Quebec, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) would like to revisit some basic tips. Here is some advice for your customers to helps minimize the damage that Mother Nature can cause.

Remind your customers that damage caused by high winds is covered by most home and auto insurance policies. Be sure to tell customers that additional coverage must be purchased under their home insurance policies for water damage, overflow or sewer back up.

IBC added that no home insurance policy provides coverage for damage caused by floods.

“Because of the diversity of damage, we advise victims to contact their insurer or broker as soon as possible to verify the extent of their insurance contract,” said IBC through statement.

IBC also pointed out that victims must take all necessary precautions to protect their property, and avoid any further damage including risk of contamination. Here are some additional tips to protect against tropical storms.

  1. Clean the affected areas and any part of the property that is exposed to water to prevent contamination
  2. Keep all invoices and documents relating to any expenses that you incur for your clean up efforts
  3. Document the losses by taking pictures or video

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