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IBAO and Intact team up on digital communications

The broker association publishes position paper on importance of direct broker-client communication

The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) announced on Friday a partnership with Intact Insurance that will have a joint working group explore ways to integrate Intact’s “client centre” resource with broker’s management systems and other online tools.

The client centre, which is launching soon, will give brokers and customers constant access to policy documents, billing statements and real-time claims status updates. Brokers can co-brand the client centre with their brokerage logo and reduce the number of administrative tasks they must complete in relation to a customer.

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Customers will be able to access their client centre account through their broker’s website.

“More details on how Intact’s initiative will support our members’ relationship with their customer base will follow once the working group is underway,” says Traci Boland, president of the IBAO, in a statement. “There is still much to do to assist our members in responding to evolving market conditions and the IBAO’s technology committee is working on projects with several other industry stakeholders.”

The IBAO has committed to providing more details to their members regarding other technology initiatives in early July.

This announcement follows the publication of the IBAO’s position paper stating that brokers must continue to be the main source behind digital communications with clients.

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The IBAO is releasing the paper in response to the Ontario government’s 2017 budget, released in April, which states insurers should “offer a discount to policyholders who choose to receive documents electronically.”

“Insurance companies across Ontario are launching or have launched consumer service portals and mobile applications to provide their policyholders access to information electronically, including proof of insurance,” says Boland. “While we applaud these initiatives, we must ensure that the primary vehicle for electronic communication with consumers is provided by insurance brokers.”

A single line of communication from the broker to the client would be more beneficial to the customer, says Colin Simpson, CEO of the IBAO.

“Creating multiple access points for a single consumer to obtain electronic communications, including e-documents, could be detrimental to the Ontario consumer,” he says in a statement. “Not only will it cause confusion if consumers have different company policies and avenues to access them, it’ll create a fragmented consumer experience and ultimately dilute the broker-consumer value proposition and collective broker brand.”