How to sell insurance to Millennials on Snapchat

One Danish company used the app for a video campaign

Oh, those great Danes, they’re so clever. They’ve figured out how to sell insurance to young people on Snapchat, which come on — admit it on a Friday — you didn’t know how to use until yesterday when your 25-year-old junior underwriter actually showed you what it does.

But Danish company Alka has just wrapped up a three-month campaign posting weekly stories and competitions, scooping up a key demographic that many businesses struggle with trying to capture.

“Insurance and young people don’t go hand in hand, they don’t really see the point in spending the money,” says the Danish version of Don Draper, Hans von Haffner, the executive behind the campaign. “And Alka isn’t an interesting brand to follow, unless there is a perk involved, so we wouldn’t use paid-for advertising on Snapchat.”

So they figured out another way. Read more about it here.

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