Green is good for your business

Robinson Insurance sees its eco-office as a business differentiator

Robinson Insurance Brokers in Edmonton, Alberta is moving into an eco-office on November 1. It’s a move which Daniel Robinson, president of the brokerage, says has been a dream of his for a long time.

The environmentally sustainable office is solar powered, has skylights to allow in natural light and the interior is made of all-natural products. The office is in a retrofitted building, located in a mixed residential and commercial area, and is on a public transportation route.  The new office will also have bike racks to promote alternative ways of getting to work.

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Though Robinson said he made the move mainly to promote a healthy work environment for his staff, he says clients will appreciate the new building too.

“The bulk of our business is local, small, independent businesses,” says Robinson. “I think more and more—just like with food—people are trying to shop locally in order to [be] more sustainable. We’re trying to fit that too. We’re local, we’re independent and now we’re green.”

Robinson also hopes his solar-powered office will attract new business.

“Solar attracts attention visually. If you drive by a building that you can see has solar power, I think a lot of people stop and take note. They say, ‘Hey! That’s different,’ ” he says. “You couldn’t achieve that with a sign or an awning the way you can with solar panels.”

And in an over-saturated market, Robinson says his eco-office is just another way to separate Robinson Insurance Brokers from the pack.

“This is a nice way for us to differentiate ourselves, especially because our target is local small business.”

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