Government union calls for review of how Saskatchewan handled wildfires

Premier Brad Wall has said the cost of the wildfires could exceed $100 million

The Saskatchewan Government and General Employee’s Union says the province managed resources poorly during the summer wildfire crisis, putting northern families at risk during the summer wildfires. Some fire towers were left without any observers.

It is calling for an independent, public review that will be released to the public.

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The union says they want to make sure the mistakes are not repeated should a wildfire crisis hit the province again.

Earlier this month, the Saskatchewan government said it wants feedback on how well the province handled wildfires that forced about 13,000 people from their homes.

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Premier Brad Wall has said the cost of the wildfires could exceed $100 million.

The government is offering an online and written survey and wants to hear from people about how they were affected by the fires.

The province also plans to review its wildfire operations and meet with northern leaders, emergency officials and the business community.

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The Opposition NDP has also been calling for an independent review into how the province dealt with the wildfires.

NDP Leader Cam Broten has said it should be determined whether the province had enough trained firefighters and equipment.

He has also said a review should consider whether the government worked closely enough with First Nations and other community leaders.

A shortage of firefighters prompted the province to call in the Canadian Army as well as crews from across Canada and parts of the United States.

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