Gore launches uBiz, ecommerce commercial insurance platform

Partnered with eight brokers

Gore Mutual has partnered with eight insurance brokers to launch uBiz, what it’s touting as “the first fully ecommerce commercial insurance platform in Canada.”

The platform allows small business customers to design their own insurance coverage and buy it instantly online. Gore says it launched the platform with an “unbundled” product aimed at “2.75 million self-employed Canadians” to offer  coverage to 22 industry categories and 122 individual classes of businesses.

It’s available nationally, except Quebec, through Easy Insure, Insurance Hero, iSure, Mitchell & Whale, My Insurance Broker, Shaw Sabey, Surex Direct and Think!nsure. On a typical broker partner website, uBiz promises the customer can “Enjoy the security of up to $5,000,000 Commercial General Liability coverage for your home based business.”

So does a broker then sigh, get up from their desk and head to Tim Horton’s while the paperwork gets done online? Is he or she left twiddling their thumbs? Nope, there’s plenty of work to do, according to Paul Jackson, Gore Mutual’s vice-president of Sales, Marketing and Distribution.

“The transaction of writing the business, there is no human intervention,” Jackson tells Top Broker. “However, we have to get customers to know about uBiz, to want to find out more about uBiz, to visit the uBiz website, to get a quote, etc., and the broker is entirely responsible for that process. And so there’s a whole customer acquisition, marketing, lead generation, referral, lead management, education piece that the brokers who are involved in this pilot–they’re responsible for doing that.”

When asked about some brokers’ hesitancy over yet another digital product that could possibly reduce their significance, Jackson acknowledged some will embrace the platform while others might be skittish. “Yeah, absolutely, and look, I mean this is just not meant to be a solution for everyone. We recognize that there are some brokers who are working really hard to access the new digital customer, and they’re looking for tools, products, technology, etc. to help them to do that. And that’s what uBiz is all about.”

Jackson says Gore is getting a lot of interest from brokers who aren’t in the pilot who want to participate; “… and I have a whole slew of emails and voicemails from people saying, ‘This looks really exciting, how do we get involved?”

Small business customers can find uBiz products at their websites or at www.u-biz.com.


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