Google’s driverless car gets into first at-fault accident

Nobody was injured in the Mountain View, Calif. crash

Valentine’s Day wasn’t all love and kisses this year.

On February 14, 2016, one of Google’s self-driving cars got into an accident with a public bus in Mountain View, Calif. while trying to switch lanes.

“After a few cars had passed, the Google AV test driver saw the bus approaching in the left side mirror but believed the bus would stop or slow to allow the Google AV to continue,” Chris Urmson, head of Google’s self-driving car division, wrote in the California DMV report. “Approximately three seconds later, as the Google AV was reentering the centre of the lane it made contact with the side of the bus.”

The bus was travelling at 15 mph, and the car at two mph.

The accident damaged the car’s left front fender, left front wheel and one of its driver-side sensors. Nobody was injured.

But Google’s pride may have taken a blow–they’ll no longer be able to claim that “not once was the self-driving car the cause of the accident.”

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