Golf Tournament Hosts Have More insurance Options

It’s the season for corporate golf tournaments, although many companies that will play host don’t recognize the breadth of liability exposure they could face if liquor is served at the event.

Indeed, the law is relatively cut-and-dried for commercial liquor servers such as bars and restaurants, but there is a huge grey area when it comes to potential liabilities of golf courses and corporate hosts.

Accordingly, Simmlands Insurance Brokers Ltd., a golf industry insurance specialist, has this summer introduced a unique, one-time policy for corporate clients hosting golf tournaments.

It’s called TourPac and the policy is designed to specifically cover the liability exposure of a corporate host or secondary sponsor of an event at which liquor is served.

The company introduced the policy in response to what it identified as a trend in the courts to apportion monetary awards to multiple parties in order to ensure large sums are paid.

Simmlands vice president Jim Hylands cites as an example an individual who is seriously injured by an impaired driver traveling from a golf tournament who doesn’t have adequate insurance; the host parties and sponsors, he says, could then be exposed to liability if a significant court award is sought by the injured party.

“Golf courses are finding themselves facing law suits from one lawyer after another every single time somebody leaves a golf club and there’s any hint they had a beer while there,” he says.

Sponsors of corporate golf tournaments should also that ensure waivers and indemnity agreements are included in the contracts hammered out with the main event host, he adds.

The Simmlands TourPac policy includes $5 million worth of primary coverage, host liquor liability, Bailee’s liability, optional sponsor protection, optional weather protection, and costs as low as $250 to cover an event attended by up to 150 golfers.

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