Georgia insurance agency requires all employees to carry a gun

CEO doesn't see the point of gun liability coverage

The only complaint was the gun didn’t come in pink.

At the Georgia aviation insurance agency Lance Toland Associates, all twelve employees are required to have a concealed weapons permit, and everyone’s on board.

“I have an employee who’s been with me 31 years,” CEO Lance Toland told Top Broker. “She is retiring—and I underscore she; most of my employees are female—and she always had a carry permit and was armed in our office.”

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As her departure neared, her colleagues started to worry about an undefended office, especially after an employee was gunned down at a nearby insurance agency. So six months ago, Toland instituted a new mandate: “‘everybody, go and get your concealed weapons permit. It’s now a requirement of employment here.’”

Staff members all got their permits within three weeks. Once they did, Toland gave them each a Taurus Judge shotgun, which they keep “wherever they want… They can put it in their boot, they can put it in their purse, they can put it on their desk. I don’t care.”

As for gun liability insurance, which Los Angeles County officials began considering after the San Bernardino shootings, Toland doesn’t see any value to it.

“Why should you have insurance to defend yourself? That’s just one more layer of government on top of you. We have a second amendment right in this country—the right to have a militia and also the right to bear arms to protect yourself… You can’t tax it out of existence and you can’t [insure] it out of existence.”

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