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Entertainment brokerage offers short-term theatre insurance program

The product, which is purchased online, is accessible to brokers with clients who produce live shows

 Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc. has launched Solo, an online insurance program that provides quotes for producers of live performances looking for short-term venue and equipment coverage.

Live show producers can purchase policies online with a credit card through Solo and all associated documents can be downloaded in minutes, allowing clients to purchase coverage on the same day they need it. Policy terms are for up to four weeks, and coverage is provided anywhere in Canada. The policies will cover risks including rehearsing, producing or presenting a theatre, dance, opera or other live performance.

Front Row Insurance Brokers says in a press release that there will be no minimum premium. Included in the coverage will be up to $5 million in general liability coverage; optional theatrical property coverage for equipment, props, sets and wardrobe; and additional insured certificates for venues. The program can be accessed by any broker with a client who needs this type of product.

“Small start-up theatre companies are the future of the theatre industry and the future of our business,” says David Hamilton, the president and CEO of Front Row Insurance, in a press release. “We wanted to find a way to lower the cost to insure their projects as much as possible and deliver the coverage with a minimal effort and time.”