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Edmonton cyclist hits SUV, billed by insurance company | Canadian Insurance

Edmonton cyclist hits SUV, billed by insurance company

Personal injury lawyers recommend purchasing liability insurance

Edmonton cyclist Ryan Kafara hit an SUV in September 2013, and six months later, he was shocked to receive a $6,200 bill from Wawanesa Insurance. The company also threatened to suspend his driver’s license if he didn’t pay.

“I was hooped completely,” Kafara told Global News.

It’s unclear whether a bicycle counts as a motor vehicle. If it does, Kafara’s license could be suspended under the Traffic Safety Act, which allows license suspensions if a person doesn’t pay a judgement from a vehicle accident.

Personal injury lawyers recommend buying liability insurance to avoid these unexpected payments.

Take a look at Global News’s story, “Cyclist gets hit with big bill from insurance company following crash” for more details.


Image: Ian Donaldson