Drone risks and mitigation factors: Zurich

A $2,000 drone bought online can be operational within minutes

Drones can do a lot–deliver packages, smuggle heroin over prison walls, detect cheating high school students and analyze agricultural areas. But since regulations are consistent and technology changes rapidly, UAVs are full of risk.

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A $2,000 drone bought online can “be taken out of the box and be operational within minutes,” says  Chris Proudlove, a senior vice-president at Global Aerospace Underwriting Managers Limited, in Zurich’s whitepaper on drones. And operators don’t need any training.

Proudlove also points out the tech hasn’t been tested enough to let drones fly free in crowded environments, and privacy laws haven’t caught up with the technology.

To mitigate risk, Zurich says, the industry must consider operator training and drone safety management and maintenance. For their part, regulators should look into environmental factors and privacy laws.

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