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New report examines innovation in personal lines insurance

Greater access to consumer data gives insurers a competitive edge

Best’s Review Magazine released a new interactive white paper on the trends driving innovation, the approaches taken to put new techniques to work, and how insurers can leverage new capabilities to stay ahead of the competition.

View the interactive white paper here.

According to the white paper, out of the box thinking, innovative new technologies, greater access to consumer data, and sophisticated analytical capabilities are giving some personal lines insurers a competitive edge, despite a difficult underwriting market and tight investment climate. It is based on the webinar “Innovation in Personal Lines.”

Panelists for this webinar included:

– Alan Bauer, former President, Progressive Direct.

– Meryl Golden, General Manager North America Operations, Earnix.

– Paul Y. Mang, Partner, Razor’s Edge Consulting, and a managing director at Avarie Capital.

– Steve McKay, Chief Executive Officer, DriveFactor.