Debate over Concussions in Sports Rages On

CITB's special report on sports liability insurance

Hockey’s long conversation about concussions is nowhere near over.

A few weeks ago, the New York Times reviewed John Branch’s Boy on Ice, about former enforcer Derek Boogaard.

After he died of a painkiller overdose in 2011, Boogaard’s brain—donated to the Boston University Center for Traumatic Encephalopathy—showed signs of brain damage, the Times noted, “associated with memory loss, emotional instability, and early-onset dementia more familiar in boxers and, recent research shows, in former National Football League players as well.”

The NFL is still settling a class-action suit filed by thousands of former players, who claimed the league covered up what it knew about the consequences of head injuries.

On-ice incidents are not the only things dragging leagues into the courts.

TSN reported last week that a former goalie for the Barrie Colts is suing the OHL team for $12 million, claiming that they allowed him to play too soon after suffering a concussion in a car accident.

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