Dear William and Kate: Need wedding insurance?

Fireman's Fund makes royal pair cheeky offer.

The menu promises quail eggs and smoked salmon. The London Chamber Orchestra will take care of the music, and Prince Harry will turn Buckingham Palace into an after-party hotspot. But what if –horrors!–something goes wrong with the music, the food or  Kate’s wedding dress before or during the Royal Wedding? It might be time for wedding insurance, a US insurer advises the royal couple in a playful open letter.

As Prince William and Kate Middleton make final preparations for their wedding this Friday, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. reminds them just how many things could go wrong.

“Kate, just think about it. What if Monty, one of your future mother-in-law’s dogs, got a hold of your beautiful wedding dress and turned it into his favorite new toy?,” the letter asks. Or, even worse, “If the bride or groom gets cold feet, we’ll cover the cost of the wedding (but we’re confident that wouldn’t happen with either of you),”  it assures them.

The average policy usually costs $250 (US), according to Atle Erlingsson, spokesman for the California-based insurer. “Although, they would need more than just the standard wedding insurance policy because there’s so much involved,” he says.

There are several reasons to get wedding insurance (both cancellation and liability insurance) for weddings, says Erlingsson. But based on the company’s claims data the top liability claims are:

1) A drunk guest was in a car accident

There’s no hard liquor at the afternoon reception for Prince William and his bride, but the Prince Harry hosted after-party might not be so genteel.

2) Food poisoning

Sick guests can cost up to $56,000, according to one Fireman’s Fund claim.

3) A forgotten candle sets fire to the venue

A forgetful bridesmaid ended up causing $150,000 in damage to a wedding facility, according to company claims data.

The most common cancellation-related claims are just as costly.

1) The reception site goes out of business

A banquet hall’s unexpected  closure cost one couple $8,500, according to Fireman’s claims data.

2) Illness

Sudden illness for the father of the bride prompted a $50,000 cancellation claim.

3) The groom lost his job

The chain reaction of his layoff led to a $6500 claim.

Erlingsson says that if needed, a U.K.-based sister company would have to provide coverage for the couple since Fireman’s Fund only covers out-of-country weddings if the couple are US citizens.

Nonetheless, the offer is there. “Play it safe and consider wedding insurance. William and Kate (can we call you Will, by the way?),”  the letter urges.

At press time, the company hadn’t heard back.

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