DAS Canada launches unique promotional campaign

DAS Day in Court will give five Canadians legal representation to pursue their small claims case

Specialty legal expense insurer DAS Canada has launched a unique contest that will provide five individuals legal representation to pursue their day in court—and educate Canadians on legal expense insurance at the same time.

DAS Day in Court promises to give Canadians who have been left in “legal limbo” to get their chance at justice. The insurer is accepting applications online for Canadians to ‘make their case’ and possibly win their day in court.

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“The expectation of fairness and access to justice is a quintessential Canadian quality,” said Barbara Haynes, CEO of DAS Canada, in a press release. “Canada currently places 16th of 66 countries in access to civil justice.  It is a much bigger issue than we will be able to address through DAS Day In Court, but we believe that enabling even five Canadians to get their due process is a step in the right direction.”

According to DAS Canada, the average cost of one hour of a lawyer’s time costs $360—a price that makes access to justice unaffordable for many Canadians.

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“The legal expense insurance product offered by DAS Canada is a viable option for individuals and small businesses to achieve affordable access to justice,” said John Hoyles, CEO of the Canadian Bar Association. “Awarding five Canadians their day in court is an excellent way to put this important issue in the public eye through news media and the personal stories of the winners.”

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