Crawford & Co. in Canada launches new digital claims management system | Canadian Insurance

Crawford & Co. in Canada launches new digital claims management system

Crawford 360° includes new features and enhanced versions of pre-existing services

Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. is promising a 360-degree approach to claims management with the release of Crawford 360°.

The company’s new claims management system is meant to combine digital innovation with enhanced service plug-ins available to files as they progress through each phase of the claims cycle.

The system includes new services, such as its global technical services team, consisting of senior level experts that can respond to claims from many key industries including agriculture and food, aviation and cyber risk. Crawford 360° also gives insurer clients access to “contractor connection,” a division of Crawford made up of a national network of credentialed commercial and residential contractors.

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And Crawford is also touting its new partnership with Origin and Cause, a Mississauga, Ont.-based forensic engineering and fire investigation firm, as a key feature of Crawford 360°.

In addition, the claims management company has expanded pre-existing technology solutions for the development of Crawford 360°. These include Crawford iQ, ClaimsALERT and Crawford Compliance.

“Crawford’s range of in-house services and IT capabilities enable us to provide unique and enhanced service solutions that address both the current and future needs of our clients, regardless of the size or complexity of the loss or event,” said Pat Van Bakel, president & CEO of Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc., in a statement.