Consumers Caught in 1-800 Scam

RIBO continues investigation.

Insurance consumers in Ontario have been caught up in a 1-800 insurance scam, according to the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO).

 The organization is still trying to determine how many Ontarians have been duped by ads that have appeared across the province, according to Tim Goff, RIBO’s manager of complaints and investigations.  The ads, which feature different company names and 1-800 numbers from city to city–some names used have been Arthur & Son, Interprovincial, Smith & Son and Addison–lure consumers to call and request premium downpayments without placing coverage.

 Those “downpayments” have ranged from $400 to $980, says Goff.

 At present, RIBO has received complaints from roughly 20 consumers in recent weeks, but since the scam moves around, the true extent of the scam still isn’t known. “We know it moves from town to town, and the most recent activity has been in Timmins,” he told CI April 23.

 Goff warms that the ads are likely appealing to high risk drivers who face stiff premiums with traditional insurers.

 RIBO wants anyone who’s been involved to call 416-365-1900.

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