Colorado theatre owner not liable in mass shooting

Some American moviegoers want more security

Survivors of a movie theatre shooting in Colorado in 2012 didn’t just hold their attacker accountable–they wanted to put the theatre owner on the stand too.

Survivors and family members sued the Denver theatre, saying there should have been an alarm or armed guards present at the midnight premier of “The Dark Knight Rises.” But CBS News reported Thursday that the Cinemark owner would not be held liable–a relief to other theatres in the United States where attacks like these seem to be more and more common.

In the wake of two more attacks in 2015–one near Nashville, Tenn. during a screening of “MadMax: Fury Road” and other in Lafayette, La. during a screening of “Trainwreck”–moviegoers are want more security. Last year, a study by research firm C4 found that 34 percent of moviegoers wanted metal detectors and armed guards present. The same research found that a quarter of responders even wanted bag checks.

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