Calling good wingmen: SGI has new campaign against drunk driving

Saskatchewan’s government insurance company has launched a campaign urging people to stop friends who have been drinking from getting behind the wheel.

The “Be a Good Wingman” ad challenges people to stop their friends from driving impaired, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem at the time.

A commercial that is to run on television and radio features two versions: one where a group of life-long friends lets a man get behind the wheel while impaired and one where they stop him and call a cab.

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Joe Hargrave, minister responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), says it’s no secret that Saskatchewan has a serious problem with impaired driving that must be addressed.

Figures show 376 impaired drivers were caught in the province last month alone, the highest number this year.

In 2016, 54 people were killed and 456 were injured in more than 1,000 accidents involving drugs or alcohol.

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