Zurich Brings Builders’ Risk Site to Canada

ZurichBuildersRisk.ca will help brokers manage builders' risk policies.

Zurich, Canada has launched ZurichBuildersRisk.ca, a website that provides Zurich brokers with a means to rate, quote, issue and manage builders’ risk policies at any given time from their own computers.

“By leveraging Zurich’s strength in builders’ risk insurance in the United States, we are bringing the convenience of a proven product and platform to the Canadian marketplace,” said Evergreen Lee, head of new program development for Zurich, Canada in a press release. “In pilot sessions, brokers have been very impressed by the easy online system and the speed at which a builders’ risk policy can be quoted and issued.”

Brokers can issue the builders’ risk policies via nine steps in about nine minutes.

Coverage is available for new construction or remodeling projects up to $5 million for non-combustible projects and up to $4 million for frame projects, according to the media release. Coverage can also be customized to meet the specific requirements of each project, such as flood, earthquake, soft costs, and green building exposures.

Zurich brokers that aren’t registered for this platform can do so at ZurichBuildersRisk.ca.

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