Applied Systems launches predictive quoting tool | Canadian Insurance

Applied Systems launches predictive quoting tool

Applied WebRater will allow brokers to speed up the automatic quote process

Brokers using Applied Rating Services will now have access to a new predicting quoting tool that is being launched by parent company Applied Systems.

Applied Rating Services compares rates for brokers and insurers across Canada. The new tool, called Applied WebRater, will use historic quoting and purchasing behaviour data to automatically fill in a client’s application details to quicken the quote process. In a press release, Applied Systems says this tool is the first of its kind in Canada, and will be available generally.

“The insurance industry amasses exponential amounts of data that can inform future coverage options. Predictive quoting capabilities will enable brokerages to deliver clients a more convenient comparative quoting experience, ensuring their company is present at the moment of opportunity to serve as a trusted advisor,” says Stéphane Lacasse, vice president of product management and rating services at Applied Systems, in a press release.

Applied Systems says the tool acts as a lead generation solution by automatically collecting the prospect’s underwriting, rating and consumer information. Applied WebRater also offers customized communications with clients, such as thank-you emails.