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And then there’s insuring the Pope | Canadian Insurance

And then there’s insuring the Pope

New York brokerage Dewitt Stern Group has big cover for Francis

So how would you like to have this as a dream assignment for your business — insuring the Pope when he visits Philadelphia (Pope Francis arrived to greet U.S. President Obama and his family this morning in Washington, D.C.) As American online magazine, Business Insurance, reports, this is about the biggest special event ever handled by lead insurers Dewitt Stern Group, based out of New York.

The policy has a shopping list of items to cover that would make any historians nervous: a lectern used by Abraham Lincoln to give the Gettysburg Address in 1863 andPhiladelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway, where the pope will say mass Saturday before what’s expected to be a crowd of  250,000 people or more.

There’s naturally coverage in the event of terrorism, but the brokerage says this is a stand-alone policy that doesn’t involve additional coverage kicking in from the federal government. Read more about it here