A tale of two failed fraudsters

Lies, investigations and cancelled policies

Insurance fraud in Canada is estimated to cost $1.6 billion each year. Here are two fraudsters who were thwarted before they could add to that number.

Selling isn’t stealing

In July 2014, a man reported to the Toronto Police Services that his car had been stolen from a parking lot, and he subsequently made a claim on his auto policy.

His insurer Aviva, however, found that a month before the claim, he had sold his car to a buyer across town.

In December 2015, after Aviva passed on their findings to the police, the policyholder turned himself in. He was charged with fraud over $5,000 and public mischief.

Don’t forget about timelines

In September 2013, a Quebec man bought home insurance from Aviva. Nineteen days later, he reported to both the police and the insurer that his ATV had been stolen from his garage.

The insurer’s investigation found the ATV had been stolen the day before he had bought the policy, and had lied about the theft.

Aviva denied his $9,000 claim and voided his policy. He pleaded guilty to attempted fraud over $5,000 last month.


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